Welcome to LULZSHELL

LULZSHELL is the very core of the AND!XOR Indie badge for DEF CON 27. It is the primary user interface for maximum lulz, interaction with B.E.N.D.E.R. 2.0, and launching point for all BOTNET 3.0 activities. This documentation serves as a semi-comprehesive source for all things LULZSHELL.


  • RICKROLL: Primary bling tool


The RICKROLL command is used to run and manipulate the current bling mode. Syntax is RICKROLL WIT <mode>.


  • BOUNCY: Scrolly text left and right
  • ROUND: Spinning lines on the eyes
  • COPYCAT: Play bling from nearby badges
  • FADE: Basic color fade
  • FLAPPY: Flappy pixel game
  • FLASHAHHHHH: Flashing color fade
  • DOTZ: Random dots mode
  • KIT: Knight Rider
  • LAZERS: Color horizontal lines
  • LINES: Random lines
  • RAINBOWZ: Colorful rainbow mode, try the right captouch wheel
  • PURTY: RGB bling modes
  • WERDZ: Scrolling bling mode, syntax: RICKROLL WIT WERDZ "text blah blah blah"
  • CLOCK: Current time (at least what badge thinks is current time) bling mode
  • WAVE: Ride the wave

B.E.N.D.E.R. 2.0

  • BENDER: Game status
  • DRINK: Drink your favorite in-game brews
  • E: Go East
  • FLUSH: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • HACK: Jack of all trades command in B.E.N.D.E.R.
  • LOOK: Observe things around you
  • N: Go North
  • S: Go South
  • STEAL: Take something
  • W: Go West
  • WALK: Long way to go


  • COMZ: Badge mesh control
    • COMZ R: Get the local badge address
    • COMZ ON: Enable badge mesh
    • COMZ OFF: Disable badge mesh
  • FRENDZ: Social status (you will always have yourself as a friend)
  • GRAFFITI: Graffiti wall - used by text scroll bling
    • GRAFFITI SHOW: Show the current wall
    • GRAFFITI <message>: Write a message on the wall
  • MEOW: Redacted
  • SCRATCH <address>: Ping badges

File System

  • FLOSS <path>: List Files
  • PLAEC <file> <byte> <byte> <byte>...: Write up to 64 bytes to the end of a file (in hex)
  • BURN <file>: Delete a file
  • NOM <file>: Read a file


  • AWESUM <string>: Best hash tool every made
  • BADGE <data>: Simple badgebus parser (thanks @tymkrs)
  • EKOZ <string>: Simple echo tool
  • EMACZ: Robust file editor, now with foot pedal support!
  • EXTRAS: Shitty Addon 1.69bis control
    • EXTRAS CREATE <data>: Provision an eeprom SAO with data
    • EXTRAS MODE <mode>: Set the SAO GPIO mode
    • EXTRAS READ <address>: Read data from address on eeprom
    • EXTRAS WRITE <address> <data>: Write data to address on eeprom
  • HELP: As if you need it
  • LET <setting> B <value>: Badge settings control
  • PAWS: Pause shell for n milliseconds
  • SYSTUM: Badge control tool
    • SYSTUM CEREAL: Get badge serial number
    • SYSTUM VERSHUN: Get badge firmware version information
  • TABLE FLIP: Badge reboot tool
  • TROLL <file>: Runs a file
  • VISIBLE <setting>: Print badge setting
  • WHENRIT: Get the current time (according to the badge)
  • WHOAMI: Standard unix whoami command
  • WIPE: Clear the screen